Magenta Hair Color Ideas You Should Try 2018

Magenta hair color is a mixture of red, blue or purple. Magenta colours are slightly bright and eye-appealing, but you can decide on the level of brightness you need in your hair hue by employing an ombre technique and choosing the mix of red or purple.

Nevertheless, for the ladies with busy lifestyles, should choose an option that is more natural. There are so many colours within the magenta niche, so go for the one that is suitable for your eye colour and complexion. See it here for your inspiration.


  1. Elegant Formal Updo

You can wear pink colour in most formal events. The trick allows the hue to make a statement by itself by choosing a standard look. A smooth chignon with fine details is an ideal form for vibrant colours.

  1. Bold Messy Bun

Magenta hair color looks great on dark blonde hair as well as in fine skin tones. A high bun gives it a definition with a typical look that you can pull off from the weekend parties to might outings.


  1. Ombre Braid Wig

Settling one specific shade is almost hard-not only do you work on your hair several times, but you also want to maintain it for a good look especially if you have a dark hair. The wigs are the easiest way to do this. They are versatile, and you can try all the fun looks with less work.

  1. Colourful Cornrows

Complement pretty and edgy to achieve this ultimate girl look. The sleek pastel lilac with bright violet base and the straightened braids at the back are the ideal trending hairstyle for you next ‘babes only’ outings.


  1. Unicorn Down-do

Ladies love this fantasy-based hair colours-unicorns and mermaids. Though you are experimenting with the magical side of life, your hairstyle should adhere to the standard rules of hair colouring by coming up with dimension and length.

  1. Blushing Bride

Not all women like to blend in, and why should they in their big days? Make yourself to stand out from the others by opting to this hairstyle with beads, flowers and any accessory you like.


  1. Braided Half-Do

One big problem of applying solid hue to your hair is that it can accentuate elongated braids.  To rob attention from this norm, add some texture to it. A fishtail strand will come up with a visual admiration, and it is an excellent alternative to the typical ponytail.

  1. Candy Coated Curls

Magenta hair color accents are an excellent way to enhance depth to a pastel coloured haircut. They are not clumsy as darker roots and match perfectly with a colourful look.


  1. Rosy Half-Updo

For the ladies with rosy hues, you can go for a style that looks like an actual flower. A less tight bun looks like the petals of a flourishing bud.

  1. Bob with Bright Yellow

Upgrade your bob with a chic pop of magenta hair color. While many ladies like mixing magenta with red, or blue, yellow give the best contrast. It is ideal for women who want to be unique.